Basic Fall Photo Challenge

Happy Fall!

I’m a summer girl by far, but once autumn ACTUALLY comes around, I’m all for it. After all, who doesn’t love boots and PSLs? 😉

I came across a great BuzzFeed article tonight called “17 Fall Activities All Basic Girls Love.“ It pretty much describes me and most of my friends. As I was reading the article, I thought: “I bet I could do every one of these by the end of the season.”

So … I’m going to try to do just that! And what better way to check off a list than to do it as a photo challenge?

Introducing … the Basic Fall Photo Challenge!

If you’d like to participate, just use the hashtag #basicfallphoto on Instagram so I can find your photos!

Big thanks to Kristin Harris at BuzzFeed for inspiring this challenge. Perhaps I’ll see some #basicfallphoto submissions from you along the way! 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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