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These recommendations originally appear on my LinkedIn profile.


“Though I only had the pleasure of working with Chelsey for a very brief period, I was extremely impressed with what I saw during that short span of time. She is a remarkably swift learner, and when it comes to PR she possesses that most important of attributes – she delivers great results.”
– Mark Jelfs, colleague

Core Creative

“I was very happy to serve as Chelsey’s manager at Core Creative for nearly three years. I believe she has a keen mind for social insights and an acumen for understanding how people communicate on a very functional level. That is incredibly important in helping to develop communication programs for clients. She understands the need to develop a strategic foundation and is capable of getting into the minds of the target audience to develop impactful content and social engagements. Chelsey is incredibly driven to succeed and is very passionate about public relations, connecting with media and injecting the kind of creativity necessary to drive PR programming into today’s digital landscape.”
– Colin Deval, manager

“Chelsey was a valuable member of the team at Core Creative that supports Verizon. I appreciated her editorial skills. She was a skilled photographer and her talent was a terrific asset. In our discussions, she was a thoughtful contributor and I welcomed her opinions. She contributed a high level of energy to our social media efforts and I’ll miss our frequent check-ins.”
– Andrea Meyer, client

Flipeleven Creative

“Chelsey has a never-ending hunger to be the best at whatever she takes on. It was apparent in her first interview and proven 10 times over in her tenure with Flipeleven. Her strategic thinking helped us build our social media brand from the ground up, all while successfully delivering over 30 design projects. She is the ideal teammate if you’re looking to grow your business.”
– Justin Schnor, boss

“Since I met Chelsey, I have been impressed by her gumption. She has willfully tackled so many avenues of client work, including design, marketing, copywriting and social media and voice talent. She started a meetup group, pursued additional certifications and created a freelance career. I’m honored to know and work with Chelsey because no matter which career path she chooses, she will never settle for 99% effort.”
– Kate Pociask, colleague

“I have known Chelsey for about a year now and have worked on several projects with her and Flipeleven. I was very impressed with not only her knowledge but her desire to continually be learning. I would highly recommend Chelsey if you need someone who is going to stand out from the crowd.”
– Katie Felten, colleague

Cumulus Broadcasting

“Chelsey is always prepared and ready for any of the odd events that may happen during a live broadcast to keep things running smoothly.”
– Chris Mehring, colleague

“As great personality for radio, Chelsey has become a well known DJ at Cumulus Broadcasting with 99.5 The Wolf (WPKR). Many listeners know and prefer her as an on-air personality, and comment on how much they love listening to her. She is also very professional when interacting with other coworkers as well as listeners when representing Cumulus within the community.”
– Amy Potratz, colleague